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Meet our Management Team

Pictured from left to right:
Donna Moody AVP Mortgage Post Closing, L.Bart Chandler VP Mortgage Production (NMLS#:462384),
Barbara Howell AVP Mortgage Wholesale (NMLS#:485716), and Chum Balk VP Mortgage Lending (NMLS#:462373).

Meet our experienced Mortgage Originators
Click the Mortgage Originator's picture for their biography.
Click here to view Royce Allen's bio! Royce Allen
706-481-1000 ext. 3227
Toll Free: 1-888-422-2651 ext. 3227

NMLS#: 462371
Click here to view Dre Beasley's bio! Dre Beasley
706-739-0123 ext. 3245

NMLS#: 450467
Click here to view Carleen Benjamin's bio! Carleen Benjamin
706-739-0123 ext. 3220

NMLS#: 462374
Click here to view John T. Chandler's bio!
John T. Chandler
706-739-0123 ext. 3221

NMLS#: 462383
Click here to view Melynda Cleveland's bio! Melynda Cleveland
706-739-0123 ext. 3216

NMLS#: 462428
Click here to view Barry Davis's bio! Barry Davis
706-739-0123 ext. 3212

NMLS#: 630599
Click here to view Brad Deal's bio! Brad Deal
706-739-0123 ext. 3214

NMLS#: 462385
Click here to view Cyndi Eber's bio! Cyndi Eber
706-739-0123 ext. 3215

NMLS#: 462387
Click here to view Mary Lewis's bio! Mary Lewis
706-739-0123 ext. 3246
Cell Phone: 706-284-1708

NMLS#: 462401
Click here to view Brandon Mears' bio! Brandon Mears
706-739-0123 ext. 3230

NMLS#: 473675
Click here to view Sharon Simons bio! Sharon Simons
706-739-0123 ext. 3225

NMLS#: 479905
Click here to view Erin Slade's bio! Erin Slade
706-739-0123 ext. 3239
Cell: 706-533-6036

NMLS#: 1061440
Click here to view Paula Troupe's bio! Paula Troupe
706-739-0123 ext. 4461

NMLS#: 462366
Click here to view Travis Wright's bio! Travis Wright
706-739-0123 ext. 3226

NMLS#: 462370

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