We genuinely believe a bank can do good things for people and have a positive impact. Just making transactions has never appealed to us. We'd rather make lifelong relationships.

Our core values are a result of living and working by the golden rule. Treat others the way we'd like to be treated-and apply that lesson to how you run a bank-from offering the latest technology to simply making sure you have what you need. It's not complicated, but it's always served everyone well.

We simply care for people, and everyone knows it. It comes naturally to us. People trust us because we choose to do the right thing. Every time. Always have. Always will. We're committed to remaining a stable and solid community bank, letting our actions speak for us.

To us, doing the right thing means being compassionate. Generous. And altogether trustworthy. It makes our work brighter, our customers happier and the entire community a better place for us all.

Caring…Connecting…Doing the right thing.

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