– Platinum Credit Cards

The Credit One Bank Platinum Visa card is an ideal tool for consumers who are in need of building a good credit score. In addition, if you’re part of that demographic and are looking for an introduction to cashback programs, then this card is for you. The card also provides its cardholders with free monthly credit report and credit education in addition to earning unlimited 1% cashback on purchase of groceries and gas.

As the card is meant for people with a fair credit score, is somewhat of an attractive offer because of the rewards program and the fact that it’s an unsecured credit card. The card comes with yearly membership fees, and it can differ based on your credit line. However, the fees may range from $0-99. If you are applying online the fee will be determined based on a hard pull of your credit report. Even if you’re doing it through you will still have an undetermined fee structure until the pull is made.

Highlights of Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Card

No security deposits

Other cards of this kind typically require a minimum security deposit of $300. But to get this platinum visa card, you don’t have to pay a security deposit and will get an initial credit line between $300-1500. This is much more favorable. The full terms of the type of offer available is enclosed in the document.

Attractive cashback and reward programs

This is something that makes the card unique from other credit building cards. While building your credit, you will also enjoy cashback rewards. The users will get 1% cashback rewards on groceries as well as your gas or other utility bill. Besides, it also offers cashback on selected mobile phone bills, internet services, satellite and cable TV services. Cardholders also receive 24/7 roadside assistance.

Freedom to choose your due date

Credit One gives you the flexibility in choosing the payment due date for your convenience. You can set the due date a week after the clearance of your paycheck to make sure you are paying on time every month.

Credit line increase opportunities

Your initial credit line will be somewhere between $300-1500. With responsible card use, you can increase your credit line. Other factors, including both your current salary and how well you are handling the rest of your finances may influence credit line increases.

Unauthorized charge protection

The bank offers a Zero Fraud Liability feature which protects the cardholder from unauthorized charges.

Customized card design

You can choose from over 20 different card designs, ranging from a traditional to an artsy design. This gives you the ability to have your card reflect your personality. The workflow for this is prompted after you go through the interface and get approved.

A few things that you need to know

Maximum APR

The APR for this card can range from 19.49 per cent to 25.49 per cent. Well, if you are not qualified for the lower range, you may have to pay more interest. However, you can keep it low by paying off your balance on time.

Optional credit protection

The card provides users with optional credit protection to deal with a situation like disability and involuntary unemployment. However, for this, you will have to pay an extra charge.

Complete details of this can be found at or in the online Schumer Box.

What do customers say about the card?

“I am using 2 Credit One Bank platinum visa cards, and I have been treated with maximum respect. When it comes to credit rebuilding, this card is great. I would recommend others to apply for this card.” – Syndie

“I had some issues with a few scams. Well, Credit One helped to resolve the issues and understood what had happened. After searching for a lot of option, I choose this to rebuild my credit. The customer service is also good. Thank you.”- Jenifer

“I just love the card as it helps to increase my credit line within a few months. Credit One Bank is great.” – Nette

This is a decent card for people who are looking to establish some trust with a bank while receiving rewards. Many offers for fair credit do not have a rewards program and although has an annual fee, it may be worth investigating if you think you’ll be in the low range of the fee structure.