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The Credit One Bank Platinum Visa card is an ideal tool for consumers who are in need of building a good credit score. In addition, if you’re part of that demographic and are looking for an introduction to cashback programs, then this card is for you. The card also provides its cardholders with free monthly credit report and credit education in addition to earning unlimited 1% cashback on purchase of groceries and gas.

As the card is meant for people with a fair credit score, is somewhat of an attractive offer because of the rewards program and the fact that it’s an unsecured credit card. The card comes with yearly membership fees, and it can differ based on your credit line. However, the fees may range from $0-99. If you are applying online the fee will be determined based on a hard pull of your credit report. Even if you’re doing it through you will still have an undetermined fee structure until the pull is made.

Highlights of Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Card

No security deposits

Other cards of this kind typically require a minimum security deposit of $300. But to get this platinum visa card, you don’t have to pay a security deposit and will get an initial credit line between $300-1500. This is much more favorable. The full terms of the type of offer available is enclosed in the document.

Attractive cashback and reward programs

This is something that makes the card unique from other credit building cards. While building your credit, you will also enjoy cashback rewards. The users will get 1% cashback rewards on groceries as well as your gas or other utility bill. Besides, it also offers cashback on selected mobile phone bills, internet services, satellite and cable TV services. Cardholders also receive 24/7 roadside assistance.

Freedom to choose your due date

Credit One gives you the flexibility in choosing the payment due date for your convenience. You can set the due date a week after the clearance of your paycheck to make sure you are paying on time every month.

Credit line increase opportunities

Your initial credit line will be somewhere between $300-1500. With responsible card use, you can increase your credit line. Other factors, including both your current salary and how well you are handling the rest of your finances may influence credit line increases.

Unauthorized charge protection

The bank offers a Zero Fraud Liability feature which protects the cardholder from unauthorized charges.

Customized card design

You can choose from over 20 different card designs, ranging from a traditional to an artsy design. This gives you the ability to have your card reflect your personality. The workflow for this is prompted after you go through the interface and get approved.

A few things that you need to know

Maximum APR

The APR for this card can range from 19.49 per cent to 25.49 per cent. Well, if you are not qualified for the lower range, you may have to pay more interest. However, you can keep it low by paying off your balance on time.

Optional credit protection

The card provides users with optional credit protection to deal with a situation like disability and involuntary unemployment. However, for this, you will have to pay an extra charge.

Complete details of this can be found at or in the online Schumer Box.

What do customers say about the card?

“I am using 2 Credit One Bank platinum visa cards, and I have been treated with maximum respect. When it comes to credit rebuilding, this card is great. I would recommend others to apply for this card.” – Syndie

“I had some issues with a few scams. Well, Credit One helped to resolve the issues and understood what had happened. After searching for a lot of option, I choose this to rebuild my credit. The customer service is also good. Thank you.”- Jenifer

“I just love the card as it helps to increase my credit line within a few months. Credit One Bank is great.” – Nette

This is a decent card for people who are looking to establish some trust with a bank while receiving rewards. Many offers for fair credit do not have a rewards program and although has an annual fee, it may be worth investigating if you think you’ll be in the low range of the fee structure. for Credit One Nascar Visa

The Credit One Nascar Visa is an unsecured credit card issued by Credit One Bank. Unsecured credit card means that Credit One back does not require a security deposit from the customer before approving them for the credit card. Many credit cards designed for those with poor credit are secured and require the user to put down a certain amount of money before being approved. Therefore, The Nascar Credit Card is a decent option for individuals who have poor credit and are trying to build their credit score. Only individuals that are over 18 years old are able to apply for this credit card.

Arguably the most significant benefit that the Nascar Credit Card has over its competitors is that it comes with a rewards system. It is rare for unsecured credit cards that are designed for users with poor credit to have to give rewards for using the card. Upon approval throiugh, customers with poor or mediocre credit will earn 1% cashback in select spending categories such as gas or automotive purchases. Customers with excellent credit will get 1% cash bank on all purchases. Also, all cardholders will receive 2$ cash back on purchases made at the Nascar store.

Credit One Bank sends rewards to the cardholders in the form of statement credit every month. This can be a benefit of the card in comparison to other cards with rewards that require a minimum withdrawal limit of $20-$25 before the customer can cash in their rewards. However, other competing credit cards can offer 1.5% cash bank on all purchases. Those credit cards are usually only designed for people with excellent credit.

Also, a great benefit of The NASCAR credit card is that it was created to help those with poor credit increase their credit score. Every time an individual makes a payment on time, they are building to their overall credit score. Credit One bank reports to the major credit bureaus on a monthly basis. Cardholders focused on increasing their credit score may notice an improvement in just a few months. This card also has excellent features for those users who are tech-savvy or like digital options. Cardholders have complimentary online access to their Experian credit score. Also, users can sign up for an option where Credit One Bank will send them customizable text updates and email alerts.

There are other miscellaneous benefits to having this card as well. For example, this credit card is straightforward to apply for. Customers can pre-qualify without harming their credit score. Customers will need to enter personal demographics such as date of birth, employment details, and income details for their application. Also, customers are able to choose their own monthly payment due date. This can be extremely useful for those users who live paycheck to paycheck and have set due dates for their other bills.

Another advantage that this credit card has is that it can be used in countries outside of the United States of America. Other credit cards for users with poor credit will not allow them to use it in any other country. Credit One Bank also regularly reviews the cardholders’ accounts to assess if they can increase their credit line. Also, the Nascar credit card comes equipped with a chip (in addition to a signature requirement) to ensure maximum security from fraud. Finally, a huge benefit the Nascar credit card offers is that it does not require the user to pay a one time fee for opening an account unlike some of its competitors.

One disadvantage about the Official Nascar credit card is that the user does not find out their specific annual fees and interest rate until after they have been approved for an account through Not knowing these details until after an account will make it difficult for applicants to assess which credit card option is best for them.

The Nascar credit card comes packed with various fees which can be avoided with other credit cards. For example, the annual fee for the first year can be up to $99 depending on the person’s credit. The annual fee comes out of the cardholder’s initial credit limit. The Nascar Credit card also has an authorized user fee which requires the cardholder to pay that fee if they want to add another individual to be able to use that credit card. The authorized user fee is $19 per year for each user. This card also has a foreign transaction fee for cardholders who want to use the credit card in any country other than the United States of America. The user will be required to pay $1 or 3% of the transaction (whichever is higher). Finally, the bank charges the user a $39 fee for making late payments. The grace period for a cardholder to make their monthly payment after the billing cycle is anywhere from 0-24 days.

Another disadvantage of this card is that the initial spending limit for customers after opening an account is low in comparison to other cards. This credit card sets an initial spending limit of $300. However, that amount decreases to around 201 after the user pays their annual fee. This amount is not very useful in the case of an emergency where the cardholder will need a lot more than $201.

The Official Nascar credit card is an above average option for those users who have poor credit and want to improve it. While it does not beat credit cards designed for customers with good credit, it has several features which make it stand out against cards built for users with bad credit. It is essential to research other credit cards also designed for customers with poor credit before committing to one. It can help those customers improve their credit score in a quick amount of time. After Bankruptcy

Getting a credit card to rebuild your credit after a bankruptcy (or just a poor credit history) seems counterintuitive. In this case, though, it makes sense. The Credit One Bank VISA Credit Card targets its card to those individuals who are either new to credit or have bad credit. While it is not one of the top-tier credit cards most individuals aspire to (think Capital One or American Express), it serves a purpose in the overall credit card game. It aims to help those individuals with either poor credit or no access to credit, a chance to participate in the world of the credit economy.

Let’s face it, it’s virtually impossible to obtain everyday goods or services without some type of credit card.  Most people don’t have the luxury of having several hundred dollars at their disposal for an emergency. If you have had problems with credit in the past or worse, had to declare bankruptcy, the Credit One Bank VISA Credit Card will help get you back on the road to repairing your credit. While this credit card does have its pros and cons, it will be up to the consumer to weigh those aspects and decide if this card is right for them.

Points to consider before applying at

Pro: It is not a secured card. That is a huge advantage to those individuals that can’t afford to part with a lot of cash and have it tied up in a card. You can apply for the Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card just like any other credit card. Even if you think your score is too low to qualify, you can give it a test run on their website and see if you pre-qualify for the card. It’s worth a shot and it doesn’t cause a hard inquiry on your credit report.

Pro: Acceptance with a low credit score. This is a big plus if you are several months out of bankruptcy and you are starting from square one. According to the Credit One Bank website, you can be accepted with a credit score with a range of 300-700. That’s amazing! This gives this credit card a big advantage over some of the other players in the same category.

Pro: It’s a great way to rebuild your credit. The Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card will start with a small (think $300) credit limit. While that is not exactly a limit that allows for a spending spree it does make you more mindful of your spending habits.  If you got into credit card trouble in the past and were late on your bills, take this opportunity for a do-over.  Make small purchases and pay them off immediately. This goes a long way toward rebuilding your credit purchasing power.

Pro: Easier to get than a top-tier credit card. Coming off of a poor credit history, trying to swing for a home-run by applying for a Capital One Platinum card or a Discover Card will lead to nothing but rejection. You will have to work your way up to those upper-tier cards and you can do this by starting with the Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card.

Pro: Choose your payment due date.  An increasing number of credit card companies, including Credit One Bank, are offering this option to more of their customers. This is a boon to customers who may have erratic income or tight budgets and need that breathing room between paychecks. It is also smart marketing by credit card companies. When they give their customer the flexibility to make their payment on a schedule that works for them, there is a greater likelihood the payments will be made on time.

Pros: Rewards for spending.  The Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card offers its customers 1% cashback rewards on every dollar spent. Your rewards can be redeemed for charitable donations, gift cards, or a statement credit.

Pros: Expanded line of cards. Credit One Bank recently increased its line of credit cards.  This affords their customers who started with the basic Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card the chance to move up to a more prestigious card in their line as their credit score increases. These upgraded cards also offer higher rewards and lower fees.

Pros: Cash advance. The Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card does allow you access to a cash advance but it comes with a hefty fee.

Pro: Credit line increases. With a responsible payment history, Credit One Bank will increase your limit periodically.

Pro: Experian credit tracking. The Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card reports your good payment history regularly to Experian, one of the three primary credit bureaus.  This is a great way to stay on top of your credit.

Pro: Zero fraud liability. Like other credit cards, if notified immediately, the Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card won’t hold you responsible for the costs incurred if your card is used fraudulently.

Pro: Alert notifications. Similar to other credit cards, The Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card allows you to set up email and text alerts to stay on top of upcoming due dates, credit limits, balances, etc.

For all of the positive aspects, this credit card offers to those trying to rebuild their credit, there are still some expensive downsides of choosing to get Platinum Visas:

Con: High interest rate.  The Credit One Visa card has a starting interest rate that can go as high as 23.99% according to their website. That is a steep price to pay for credit so it makes sense to pay the balance off in full each month.

Con: Small initial credit line. The initial minimum credit line is meager at $300. What makes matters worse is a third of that is devoured by the initial annual fee of $99. And, while your payment history is reviewed for credit line increases, it could take 6 months to a year to get an increase.

Con: Fees and more fees.  There is an annual fee of up to $99. There is also an over-the-limit fee which varies. According to the Credit One Bank card’s website, the cash advance fee can clock in at up to 8% of the amount advanced. The foreign transaction fee is set at 3%.  There is also a late fee and a returned check payment fee, both of which are $39 each. If you want to add an authorized user to your account, it will cost another $19.  All these fees nibble away at your available credit so keep that in mind when applying.

For all of its hefty fees, if you still need access to a credit card to rebuild your credit and want to be approved quickly without having to deal with the hassle of a secured card, the Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card is a great first step in the right direction.