Effective cash management is essential to running your business.  That’s why we have developed and offer products that help make managing your business more efficient and convenient while increasing revenue.

Master Operating Checking Account

A master operating checking account links to one or more other checking accounts. All of your checking account activity is streamlined into one master operating checking account. This may help eliminate the need for manual transfers, improve cash flow, and increase efficiency and profitability.

Zero Balance Account(s) (ZBA)

A ZBA automatically transfers funds to and from accounts linked to the master operating account, allowing funds to be best utilized to minimize fees.

Performance Sweep Checking

Performance Sweep Checking is a preferred rate, FDIC insured deposit account that is used to house excess funds that are automatically swept from your Performance Checking account. If your Performance Checking account falls below your predetermined balance, the needed funds are simply "swept" back into your main checking account. Learn more >>

Loan Sweep

Loan Sweep works by linking your checking account to your line of credit and applies excess balances to outstanding loans, minimizing interest expense, and back to checking when needed.

Purchase Card (One Card)1

Our One Card gives your organization unified processing, simplified management, and maximum savings through the VISA® worldwide network and acceptance at millions of merchant locations and ATMs. The use of this card ensures your employees’ access to goods, services, and cash around the globe – eliminating the need for alternatives such as cash advances or petty cash.


1. The creditor and issuer of these cards is Elan Financial Services, pursuant to Visa U.S.A Inc.

VISA is a registered trademark of Visa Inc.

Business B@nking

Business B@nking Basic gives you online access to account information and allows you to transfer funds, pay bills, download information, receive your statements and notices electronically, and view and enter stop payments. We also offer additions to this service with Business B@nking Advantage such as:

  • Initiating and managing ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions including payments to others and direct deposits for employees
  • Initiating wire transfers from your computer

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Positive Pay

Positive Pay adds an additional level of security by using a file, provided by you, containing information on issued items. We verify the check number and amount of each item presented against the file you provide. Any detected unauthorized transaction is then returned unpaid.

Express Deposit1

Saving you valuable time, Express Deposit brings the teller window to you allowing you to make deposits directly from your desk with a scanner, computer, and Internet connection. Learn more >>

e-Pay Reporter

With this system, ACH business payments are much easier to understand, process, and apply to open accounts. Many businesses can greatly benefit from this service because it breaks down the payee information when payments are lumped together, saving time with reconcilement.

Merchant Solutions

We can offer a payment processing program that provides businesses with many options for accepting debit and credit card transactions, whether in person or online. Our partner has the equipment needed for the conversion to EMV® (Europay MasterCard Visa) payment acceptance. Using this technology we can offer:

  • Traditional payment processing with scanners
  • Mobile payment processing with Mobile Payment
  • Acceptance
  • Internet payment processing

With any of these methods you will be able to accept credit, debit, mobile, or EBT payments. Learn more >>


1. You may be charged access fees by your mobile provider based on your individual plan. Check with your mobile provider for details on specific fees and charges.
2. In order to access the mobile capabilities of Express Deposit you must first set-up the service within the Express Deposit administration.

TSYS is a service mark of Total System Services, Inc. EMV is a registered trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.

@ Work Banking Program

This program is a partnership between your business and us where your employees have access to free and discounted banking products and services. Learn more >>

Solutions for Payroll and Human Resources

As Augusta’s only local bank we are constantly looking for partnerships that benefit the community. We have partnered with Concept H.R., a local payroll and human resources solution company that has experience servicing over 250 companies in 37 states. Through this partnership we are able to help with many human resource issues including all facets of payroll, human resources management, insurance and employee benefit programs, and workers compensation.

To offer these solutions Concept H.R. has technologically advanced payroll software and support systems that offer remote, secure access to critical data and expertise in employment labor-related laws and regulations on the federal, state and local levels. With this partnership we can help you save time and frustration so you can focus on making money for your business.

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