Express Deposit can save you time, save you money, and help streamline your record keeping.  With a PC, Internet connection, and desktop scanner, you can deposit checks electronically—eliminating the need to go to the bank and providing quicker access to your funds.

Here are some of the benefits of adding this amazing tool to your financial toolbox:

Save time

  • Minimize trips to the bank
  • Reduce deposit preparation time
  • Reconcile statements easily

Get extended deposit time

  • Instead of rushing to the bank, deposit checks right from the convenience of your office

Improved Recordkeeping

  • Check images are available online for 120 days and are archived for 7 years

Proven technology

  • Over 8,000 businesses are already using this technology

Easy to use

  • Our system is user friendly, and we offer individual training in your office

How Express Deposit Works

It’s a simple, 4-step process!

  1. Log in to our secure Express Deposit website
  2. Enter the amount of the check
  3. Scan your check(s) with your compact desktop scanner
  4. Your check is being processed!

Click here for a FREE online demo

For more information, please call 706.738.6990 in Georgia or 803.649.4240 in South Carolina – or Click Here and fill out our Express Deposit inquiry form.

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