Citizens Access Bank

It is true that sometimes, your regular saving bank account will not offer the desired results. You might be depositing your money diligently into the saving account every month. But a low in interest rate has made your account grow slower. So, if you are in search of something better,  Citizens Access online savings bank may be a good option. The bank offers a highly secure place to keep your money and comes with features that will maximize your earnings. Citizens Access online bank was introduced by Citizens Bank in July 2018 and has become very popular among people.

Citizen Access account features

The online bank offers two major banking products, one is a savings account, and another one is a CD. It offers a good APY of 1.5%, but you will have to make a minimum deposit of  $5000 to your bank account. If you go under the minimum balance limit, then the interest can go down to 0.25%. The CD option also has very competitive rates, but it also requires a minimum deposit of  $5,000. If you can do that, then go for it.

The best thing about their account is, they don’t charge fees for operations or maintenance. There are also no monthly service fees. In addition, they offer liquid CDs, which are essentially no-penalty CDs. With such an account you can make a withdrawal after 7 days.

Furthermore, Citizens Access accounts are secured by the FDIC- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. So, the funds deposited into the account are insured up to $ 250,000 per depositor. This adds additional security to do banking with Citizens Bank.

Citizens Access’s CD ladder option

The users who want to get the most out of CD rates without constantly opening and closing the accounts can go for the CD ladder strategy. For this, the account holders need to deposit  $25,000 to spread over a minimum of 5 CDs.

Citizens Access Liquid CD account

If you think with CDs your money may remain locked for a long time period; then you can always go for an alternative option called Liquid CD. You will have to keep your money for 11 months, and the APY will be 135 %. You can withdraw funds at any time, but there will be no penalty.

The processes in place to add money to accounts

Online fund transfer

You can link any saving accounts from other U.S. financial institutions to Citizens Access using the account number and routing number. After that, you can make online fund transfers.

Check deposits

People can submit checks by signing into their account and then choosing Deposit a Check option. They can find it in the “Move Money” menu. They can also mail their check to the bank.

Direct deposit

For this, the account holders need to submit their routing and account number to the Payroll Department. You can use a Direct Deposit Authorization form.

What do customers say about the bank?  

“The bank is great for me, and as I like online banking facilities, so I have chosen the Citizen Access online bank. The saving interest rate is good, and the customer support team is very professional. Till now, my account is working fine. My overall experience with Citizen Access is good.”  Lizbeth

“First, I was a little hesitant to move my saving account to another bank. But I found Citizens Access’s CD rates better and so put some fun in CDs and in saving. Well, I wish I had done that earlier. Their websites quite easy to use.” – Arnold Donnelly

Interested people can visit the official site of Citizens Access to open a saving account, and it takes just 5 to 10 minutes.