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With Getmyoffer.CapitalOne mail offer at your doorstep, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to apply for one of the best credit cards available in the US. Whether you credit score is shining bright or you have just started the credit rebuilding journey with a poor history, Getmyoffer Capital One portal has a little something for everyone. The paper in your mail is a proof that the bank wishes to extend its relationship with you by offering you a chance to apply for the card of your choice using just the reservation number and access code!

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Why Stands Out?


Trust us when we say, getting a credit card mail offer from Capital One can be one of the best things that could happen to the financial side of your life. The institute not only holds an impressive collection of cards meant for different purposes, it also provides additional perks such as consumer protection, FREE credit score checking facilities, features to improve your credit score over time, $0 fraud liability, and an amazing online platform that could help you with money management with extensive online tools.


  • This is a legit credit card issuer that would keep you safe from security issues and identity thefts.
  • Although some cards carry considerable annual fees, rest of the charges are minimal and affordable.
  • You can get a FREE copy of your credit report as an additional benefit offered with some credit cards. This would let you keep a constant check on your FICO score and improve it over time. (Keep in reading the article to find out which Capital One credit cards host this perk).
  • The bank provides complete coverage in case you lose your credit card or it is stolen. $0 fraud liability feature is part of every credit card terms of use.


Therefore, if you are considering looking into credit issuing companies then this is one of the best options that you could come across. With an impeccable mobile app and a swift online banking system, Capital One is bound to stand from the rest of the banks in the US.

Top Getmyoffer Capital One Credit Cards

Now that you have to the right spot for all your credit cards needs, the next step is to choose the right one!

Luckily, Getmyoffer Capital One present a wide collection of cards meant for different purposes. You will be able to find a card to support customers who travel a lot, one that offers amazing cashback’s for frequent shoppers, and even good plastic for people who wish to repair their credit scores over time. A smart move would be to check all credit card features, expenses, as well as their benefits before you make the final pick.


Best Credit Cards At


  • Capital One Venture Card At
  • Quick Silver Credit Card
  • Capital One Platinum Card
  • Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card
  • The Spark Classic Credit Card
  • Capital One Secured Card

How To Respond To Getmyoffer Capital One Mail Offer?


If you wish to apply for a credit card after receiving a mail offer, the only thing you have to do is visit their official website at


Here you will be asked to enter two different numbers


  1. Reservation number
  2. Access code


Both of these would be printed on the mail offer that you have received. Look at the codes carefully and type them in the required fields. Double check before you hit the Submit button.

You will be asked to specify which credit card you wish to apply for. The basic reason for providing our readers with Capital One credit card reviews before bringing them to this section was to ensure that they have some idea of card features and benefits beforehand. However, if you want to gather more information, all official details are presented on Capital One website but keep in mind that since you have got a mail offer, some terms and conditions might have been changed for you and will be specific for your credit card only.

Once the application process is complete, you have to wait for at least 7 to 10 business days to allow the bank to reach a final decision about your request. Feel free to contact their customer support service if no update is given to you even after 2 weeks have passed. Typically, it is due to further checks that might be required for your application but some times it can be glitch in the banking system as well.

You may be wondering why approval is still an issue when you have received a pre-approved mail offer which is basically an invite from the bank to apply for a credit card of your choice. The truth is that such mail offers are sent out considering your worth as a customer but they do not guarantee that you would be approved and still require that the bank goes through your credit report, history, and credit worthiness before accepting or rejecting your request.

No Credit Card Offer In Your Mail? This Is What You Should Do Next!

Although preapproved mail offers are sent out to eligible customers, there are chances that you were missed even when your credentials are up to the mark. It is quite easy to find out if you are a potential candidate for the offer or not.

You can get access to pre-qualified form by visiting the website at Here you will find a tab that states “See if you are pre-qualified”.  Clicking on this would direct you to a new window where you can enter some personal details and then submit the form to see if you qualify for any Capital One credit card mail offer or not. The information that the bank will require from you includes First and Last name, Date of Birth, Contact Address, Contact Number, Social Security Number, etc. Also, when finishing the pre-qualification form, don’t forget to click the box that states “I understand that this is not a credit card application.” You will not be allowed to complete it without checking this box.

Benefits of Capital One Platinum card


  • Consumer protection

Potential cardholders get some amazing perks, like auto rental coverage, travel accident insurance, price protection, 24×7 travel assistance services, extended warranties and more.

  • Fraud coverage

If the credit card is stolen or loses it somewhere, then stay relaxed as with this card you won’t face fraudulent charges.

  • Credit-building tools

The bank claims that if used responsibly, the user can enjoy higher credit score within six months. It’s outlined in pre-approved notices. Besides this, they will get unlimited access to their credit check tool. One can now monitor the credit profile through Credit Wise. It is completely free.

  • Mobile app

Using the Capital One mobile app, cardholders can easily monitor their account and pay their bills.

  • No annual fee

Most of these low credit score credit cards charge an annual fee or can ask for a security deposit. But, the Capital One Platinum credit card doesn’t charge an annual fee while allowing you to increase your credit score.

  • Credit Steps

If you have paid your first five bills on time, you can enjoy an increase to your credit limit. Just remember to pay on time, and you can also avoid a late payment penalty. By doing this, you will also strengthen your payment history.

  • No foreign transaction fees

The perfect credit card is the companion for international commerce and travel. Almost all credit cards come with $0 fraud liability coverage and do not charge any foreign transactions. This is what Capital One Platinum offer also do. On your purchases processed abroad, you can save around 3%. If you have purchased something using the credit card, then you can avail free of cost additional warranty protection on those items. This is very useful.


The bad side of the Capital One Platinum Credit Card


  • High regular APR

If you compare, you will find the 26.99% APR of Capital One Platinum Credit Card is higher than the cards within the Capital One portfolio. This, however, is to be expected because of the target demographic, and truthfully is lower in many cases than those of its competitors..

  • No reward earning potential

Well, it is true that when you don’t have a good credit score, it is quite difficult to obtain a credit card with rewards. So, with Capital One Platinum Credit card, you won’t be able to generate any rewards. However, other Capital One cards come with amazing rewards. And, opening the door by apply for a Platinum Card could be a Segway to getting invited to apply for a better card in the future within the bank’s array of offerings. That is if you have a reservation number to qualify.

What do customers say about the card?   


“I was very worried about my bankruptcy and also applying for a good credit card. That time my credit score was below 500. But I applied for Capital One Credit card, and the application got approved. I received a USD 300 credit limit. The card is good, and the customer services are also professional.”  -Robert

“The minimum USD 300 credit limit is very useful. I am using the card responsibly, and my credit score is now going up. Its free credit monitoring portal is good, which helps me to check my credit score. I completely trust Capital One Platinum card.” – Daniel

If you want to apply for this credit card, then you can visit the website and complete the process within a few minutes.

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Capital One Savor card is an unsecured credit card designed for users with a credit score of at least 700. Having an unsecured credit card means that the bank giving out the money does not require a security deposit from the customer before approving them for the card. If the customer fails to make their payments, no property can be taken away from them. Capital One bank will determine the individual’s credit line after carefully reviewing their application and ability to pay.

The Capital One bank will calculate the minimum payment due for cardholders each month based on several factors. If the balance is under $25, the minimum amount due will be equal to the cardholder’s balance. If the balance is greater than $25, the customer will need to pay either $25 or 1% of the balance plus new interest and late payment fees (whichever is greater). Past due payments amounts will automatically be added to the minimum payment due.

One benefit of signing up for this credit card is that the application process is quick and easy. The customer will find out if they are approved for the card minutes after they complete their application.

Arguably the most significant advantage of having a Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card is that it comes equipped with a generous rewards system. Cardholders receive 4% cashback on select entertainment and dining services. This is a generous earning rate, but the cardholder will not earn this rate with every single purchase. The cardholder also receives 2% cashback when they use the card at grocery stores. This is higher than the average credit card, which only offers 1% cash back for grocery stores. Also, the customer earns 1% cashback in other non-bonus categories, which is average for other credit cards as well.

Another huge benefit of the reward system for this credit card is that the rewards earned have no expiration date. There is also no limit on how many rewards a person can earn. Cardholders can hold onto their rewards for as long as they want to and redeem them for cash back, a statement credit, or check whenever they desire. After the customer accumulates a certain amount of rewards, they are able to schedule a specific date for redeeming their rewards. This credit card also offers a starting bonus of $300 cashback if the cardholder is able to spend $3,000 within the first three months of opening their account. They also get 8% cashback if they use the card to purchase tickets at Vivid seats. This offer is valid through January 200. The last advantage of this credit card worth mentioning is that it has no foreign transaction fees.

There are very few disadvantages of owning this Capital One credit card, but they are worth mentioning. First of all, the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card has a $95 annual fee which starts after the first year. This is significantly higher than the yearly price for the average credit card. Another disadvantage of this credit card is that it requires the user to have a credit score of at least 700, which automatically disqualifies many individuals from applying for this credit card.

Also, this credit card has a higher than average annual percentage rate, though this may vary if a promotional certificate is received. An annual percentage rate (APR) is the yearly rate of interest charged to the customer if they do not make their credit card payments on time. The APR rate for cardholders with deals can range from 15.99% to 24.99% depending on their credit score. The APR for cash advances is 24.99%, but this rate can change in the market based on the prime rate. The due date for cardholders to make their payment after the end of each billing cycle is 25 days before the APR rate is applied. The bank will not charge users interest on new purchases if they pay their previous balance in full by the monthly due date. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all cardholders to make their payments on time to avoid this APR rate and keep their credit score at a good standing.

This credit card does come equipped with other miscellaneous fees as well. It has a penalty fee of up to $39 for late payments which is pretty standard for other credit cards as well. There is also a transfer fee of 3% of the amount of each transferred balance that posts to the account at the promotional APR offered to the cardholder. However, there is no transfer fee for balances transferred at the transfer APR. The cash advance fee for this credit card is either $10 or 3% of the cash advance amount (whichever is higher).

The Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card is one of the more decent options available in the credit card market. The main reason why this credit card attracts so many customers is that it has a very generous rewards system. It is important to note that Capital One Bank can change the terms of any account holder as permitted by law. However, the bank will always notify the customer of any changes before doing so. Like most other credit cards, the customer has the right to dispute any transactions they do not think was approved by them.

The Spark Classic Credit Card:

The Spark Classic credit card is an unsecured credit card issued by Capital One Bank designed for small business owners. Unsecured credit card means that Capital One does not require a security deposit from the customer before approving them for the credit card. This credit card requires the applicant to have a decent credit score before approving them for the card. The recommended credit score for applying for this credit card is about 630 to 689. Only individuals that are over 18 years old can apply for this credit card.

Arguably the most significant benefit that this credit card has over its competitors is that it comes with a rewards system. Upon approval, customers will earn an unlimited amount of 1% cashback on all purchases. There is also no minimum requirement of points the customer must accumulate before redeeming their points for rewards.

Another massive benefit of this credit card is that there is no annual fee the customer has to pay for owning this card. Many other cards will require users to pay a certain amount every year. Therefore, this card turns out to be more effective than many of its competitors. There is also no foreign transaction fee on this card for those traveling outside the United States often. Whether the customer is traveling out of the country or placing an order from a vendor in a different country — they won’t have to pay any additional fees. There is no balance transfer fee for this credit card as well.

Also, a great benefit of this credit card is that it was created to help those with average credit increase their credit score. Every time an individual makes a payment on time, they are building to their overall credit score. Cardholders focused on improving their credit score may notice an improvement in just a few months. This card also has excellent features for those users who are tech-savvy or like digital mobile applications. The Capital One app allows customers to view their account activity at any time from anywhere. Also, users can sign up for an option where the bank will send them customizable text updates and email alerts.

There are other miscellaneous benefits to having this card as well. For example, this credit card is straightforward to apply for. Customers can pre-qualify without harming their credit score. Customers will need to enter personal demographics such as date of birth, employment details, and income details for their application. Also, customers can choose their own monthly payment due date. This can be extremely useful for those users who live paycheck to paycheck and have set due dates for their other bills.

Another benefit of having The Spark Classic for Business Credit card is that it has excellent fraud coverage. The bank covers the customer with zero fraud liability in case it is lost or stolen. Also, the user will get automatic fraud alerts via phone call, email, or text. The cardholder is also able to pick their own monthly due date. This gives them better control over their financial situation in case they have other bills due that have set due dates. Capital One Bank offers an auto-pay option for users who do not want to actually call the bank or go online to make monthly payments.

Another advantage of this credit card is that customers can obtain free additional cards for the employees. Employees who spend on the card will also earn rewards on their account. Also, there is a year-end itemized report of spending and easy-to-download purchase records that customers have access to. Also, this credit card comes equipped with a chip (in addition to a signature requirement) to ensure maximum security from fraud.

Disadvantages of The Spark Classic credit card:


One disadvantage of The Spark Classic credit card is that it has a high annual percentage rate (APR). This credit card has an APR of 26.99% (variable). The high APR rate will be costly for small-business owners that will carry a balance. Also, this credit card does not come with a 0% introductory APR period, so customers that have a balance will have to pay interest from the very beginning. Another disadvantage of this credit card is that the customer does not receive a bonus for signing up for the card. Also, other competing cards designed for business owners with average credit offer better rewards (i.e., BBVA Visa Business Rewards Credit Card). The BBVA Business Rewards Credit Card earns 3 points per dollar spent at office supply stores, 2 points per dollar at gas stations, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

The Capital One Spark Classic for Business credit card is a decent option for those users who have average credit and are seeking a business credit card. While it does not beat credit cards designed for customers with good credit, it has several features that make it stand out against cards built for users with average credit. It is essential to research other credit cards also designed for customers with poor credit before committing to one. It can help those customers improve their credit score in a quick amount of time.

Contact information for The Capital One Spark Classic credit card:

Existing customers can contact the customer Service department of Capital One bank at 1-877-383-4802 or to redeem preapproved offers, go to

Capital One Secured Card 


If you are building your credit for the first time or you need to rebuild your credit, the Capital One Secured MasterCard is a card just for you. The card requires a minimum deposit of $49, has no annual fee, a high variable APR, and no rewards. High APR and no rewards might sound like a con, but for someone building credit a card with no annual fee means you can build credit for free even if you are not regularly using the card.  Remember that a security deposit is refundable, so you will get the money back when you close the account. If you don’t have a credit history, a secured card is the best way to build credit without wasting money on fees.


  • Applying for the card

The Capital One Secured MasterCard will require a credit check, an authorized bank account, and a deposit. This might be hard for applicants without a bank account or financial history. If you don’t have a bank account, there are secured cards that don’t require a credit check and let you pay the deposit with a money order; however, these cards usually have an annual fee. If you have access to a bank account or can open one (there are many free bank accounts available) the Capital One Secured MasterCard is a better choice.

  • Deposit and credit limit

Unlike a pre-paid card, a secured card reports to the three major credit bureaus, giving you an opportunity to build your credit. This is a major advantage over pre-paid cards because it will allow you to get an unsecured card in the future if you use your credit responsibly. Saving for a security deposit can be tough, but it is the best way to build your credit without paying any unnecessary fees. For the Capital One Secured MasterCard you will use your authorized bank account in order to make the initial deposit. The minimum credit line is $200, and the initial deposit will be $49, $99 or $200, depending on your credit history. However, unlike other secured cards, you can deposit more than is required in order to increase your credit limit up to $1,000. If you make your first 5 monthly payments on time, you may also be eligible for an increased credit line. This gives you an even better chance to build your credit even more—if you keep your monthly usage low even after your credit line is increased, your “credit utilization” will go down. Credit utilization is a key factor in your credit score, and the lower your utilization, the better. The credit line reviews on the Capital One Secured MasterCard happen automatically; you don’t even have to request them. As long as you are using your credit card responsibly, you should be able to easily build your credit by using the Capital One Secured MasterCard.

  • APR

The Capital One Secured MasterCard has a 26.99% variable APR. This in high compared to credit cards in general, but it’s average for a secured card and you aren’t likely to find a secured card with a low promotional rate anyway. However, the high APR doesn’t have to negatively affect you! if you are building your credit, your best bet is to pay off your card every month, on time and in full. This will allow you to keep your credit utilization low and you will not be hit with high interest fees.

  • Fees

Credit cards for building and bad credit are well-known for the very high fees. The good thing about the Capital One Secured MasterCard is that the fees are low and straightforward. Other than your deposit (which is refundable when you close the account), there is no annual fee, and no foreign transaction fees. There is a $39 late fee if you don’t pay your bill on time, but this fee is easy to avoid. If you are using your Capital One Secured MasterCard to build credit by paying a low balance off on time and in full every month, you won’t be hit by any unwelcome fees.  You can even add an authorized user and track now much each use spends for no additional fee.

  • No rewards

The Capital One Secured MasterCard doesn’t offer any rewards. This is not usual for a secured card, and although you can find secured cards that offer very low rewards, they aren’t usually enough to offset the fees. You are better off building your credit with a low fee card like the Capital One Secured MasterCard, and then switching to using a higher rewards product once you have built your credit.

  • Upgrade potential

Capital One has a range of good credit products for people with excellent and midrange credit it—from its super popular Capital One Venture Rewards Card or the mid-range Capital One Platinum Credit Card.  This means that if you use your Capital One Secured MasterCard responsibly, you may be eligible to upgrade your account from the same creditor. Even if you don’t upgrade your Capital One account, using your card responsible will increase your credit score and likely make you eligible for other credit products in the future.

  • Great for building credit

The Capital One Secured MasterCard looks just like any other credit card, it won’t say “secured” on it, and you can use it just like a regular credit card. If you use it responsibly, you will build your credit score while using it. Because the Capital One Secured MasterCard has no annual fee, using this card gives you the opportunity to build your credit for free. No matter which card you choose, a secured card it an excellent way to build credit. The bottom line is that the Capital One Secured MasterCard is one of the best secured cards for doing this. It’s unique in that is has upgrade potential in the future, and it’s possible to have a partially secured card—you could be eligible for the $200 credit limit with a $49 deposit, and it doesn’t have many other fees.

In Depth Analysis for Savor Card Accounts

Some credit cards offer rewards for purchases, and sometimes for a specific type of spending. The Capital One Savor Card is one example of this. With the Savor Card, people can receive rewards specifically on dining and entertainment. Specifically, this means that cardholders are able to earn unlimited 4% cash back on dining and entertainment, 2% at grocery stores and 1% on all other purchases. Under the entertainment category, there are things like sports, concert and theater tickets, and even some travel expenses. The card also offers a small amount of travel insurance at no extra cost. Considering how many categories this card covers, it seems like a pretty useful card that anyone might want.

There are a lot of other interesting and helpful benefits that come with this card, which is why the response has been so positive among people who have received application offers. New cardholders who haven’t previously had a card from Capital One can receive a one-time cash bonus of $300 if they spend $3,000 within three months of having the card. Another benefit from this card, which adds to its usefulness during traveling, is that there isn’t a fee when you make a purchase outside of the United States. Do you have questions about how exactly you can use your card or have questions about travel, dining, and entertainment? There is also a complimentary Concierge Service with the card, meaning that there is assistance available 24/7 for any help you might need. There are lots of rewards cardholders can get, and the great thing about it is that the rewards don’t expire until the account is closed. You can redeem your cash back at any time. Security is another benefit with the Savor Card. Not only do cardholders get warranty protection on eligible items that they purchased, they also have the option to get purchase notifications in order to stay on top of their own spending habits and keep an eye out for possible fraud. These notifications come through with the Capital One Mobile App. This app allows users to set up Auto-pay and make payments automatically each month, manage their account at any time, and view their bill and transactions.

Now that the benefits have been thoroughly explained, it’s time to look at the less fun parts of the card: fees and interest rates. Every card has them to some degree, so let’s look at how the Savor Card stacks up. As with any card, the APR for the card varies depending on the credit score of the cardholder. For this particular card, there are three possibilities: 15.99%, 21.49%, or 24.99%. There is also a rate for cash advances, which is 24.99%. Cardholders also must pay an annual fee of $95 every year after the account is opened. This card does have some smaller fees as well. The cash advance fee is either $10 or 3% of the amount of the cash advance, whichever amount is greater. The transfer fee for purchases is $3. The last of the fees listed is the late fee. Should your payment be late, you could be charged up to $39.

But what do actual cardholders think of the Savor Card in case that would sway a decision to respond to a mail offer? The vast majority of the reviews are pretty positive. People love using the card. But, there are some aspects that reviewers disliked. The majority of the negative reviews made note of the high annual fee. Some even stated that it was the only thing they disliked about the card. Many mentioned that the $95 fee per year just doesn’t make the rewards worth it. And, a lot of people felt that you needed very good credit to get approved, if not exceptional credit, so the high fees don’t make a ton of sense. A few cardholders also mentioned the high interest rates, stating that it is one of the rare negatives about the card and the amount of cash back they get still wasn’t worth it. One particular customer mentioned that they should have looked more carefully at how much the trip insurance actually covers, and this is a good thing to make note of for any card. The card doesn’t advertise how much it actually covers and the limit is about $1,500. Make sure to look at the finer details before you get the card, just in case this doesn’t work for you. This was perhaps the least mentioned problem, but a few reviewers did mention that they disliked the physical quality of the card, stating that it started peeling very quickly and seemed to need replacing every few weeks, which turned out to be a hassle. And, because of the high annual fee, it was frustrating that the card itself was so low in quality.

With all of that said, however, most of the reviews for the Savor Card really were positive. A common theme that was brought up was the fact that dining and entertainment are huge aspects of people’s lives, so they spend most of their money on that. This card came in handy because people were able to get cash back and rewards on things that were already the cause of a lot of spending for them, and therefore got a lot of rewards. Cardholders also enjoyed the fact that the card is accepted pretty much everywhere, including outside of the United States. This is great to know, considering the card is advertised as such and it is important that it lives up to its advertising. Another way that the card lives up to its advertising is in the customer service department. Sometimes, even if things are advertised as being good, customers often find that this is not the truth. But this isn’t the case when it comes to the customer service for the Savor Card! Several reviewers stated that the 24/7 customer service was very kind and incredibly helpful and answered all of their questions, just as it was advertised. The website and mobile app were also noted to be really user friendly. Overall, this is a great card for anyone who goes out to restaurants or gets takeout a lot, travels, or spends a fair amount of money on various entertainment.

Get the Capital One Venture Card if You Prefer Travel Offers

If you love to travel and get rewards but your travel doesn’t keep you loyal to one particular airline, the Capital One Venture Rewards Card might be the right card for you. Unlike the conventional airline cards it was designed to compete against, with the Capital One Venture Rewards Card you don’t just earn miles on travel purchases, and you can redeem them with any airline. With the Capital One Venture Rewards Card you earn 2X miles on all purchases, which are then redeemable for any kind of travel you choose. The card requires good or excellent credit, has a $95 annual fee, 17.24-24.24% APR, and a 50,000 mile sign up bonus if you spend $3,000 in the first three months. It also offers additional travel perks, like no foreign transaction fees and travel insurance, but if you want to use your miles as cash back, they are worth half as much—which means that if you are not planning to travel regularly, you might be better off considering a different card. If you are still unsure if the Capital One Venture Card is the right card for you, read on to get the specifics.


  • Annual fees

The Capital One Venture Rewards Cards has a $95 annual fee. As far as annual fees go, this is a pretty typical fee for cards with this amount of rewards—if you travel regularly, the perks can far outweigh the fee. If you are interested in a travel card without an annual fee, Capital One offers the Capital One Venture One card that offers a slightly lower rewards rate of 1.25X miles and a smaller sign up bonus.  If you have really excellent credit, you might be able to find a travel rewards card with 2X miles that doesn’t require an annual fee at all, but it also may not have a generous sign up bonus like the Capital One Venture Rewards Card does.

  • High rewards rate

What makes the Capital One Venture Rewards Card one of the most popular cards on the market isn’t just that it’s very well advertised, it had some of the highest travel rewards. This is what really makes it stand out—you’ll earn 2X miles on all purchases, and the card regularly partners with retails to offer even more miles—up to 10X miles on purchases. In addition to this, you get other travel perks and easy booking.

  • How to redeem miles

You can redeem the miles you earn for travel by booking directly through the Capital One’s travel center. By doing this you can use your miles to purchase travel directly (at a rate of 1 cent per mile) without having to pre-pay and wait for a statement credit. But if you find a better deal for booking travel elsewhere, don’t worry. You can book your travel using any service, then use the Capital One Purchase Eraser. Any purchases that are considered travel by Capital One, including flights, hotel stays, rail lines, car rental agencies, limousine services, bus lines, cruise lines, taxi cabs, travel agents and time shares will be eligible for a statement credit through the Capital One Purchase Eraser, which is very easy to use. Simply select the eligible purchases on your online account, and the statement credit will be applied. There is no minimum amount to use the Capital One Purchase Eraser, which makes it a good choice for smaller trips. The drawback is that if you want to use your miles for cash back or a statement credit for non-travel purchases, the redemption rate is half as much as when used on travel. If you don’t travel regularly, you might want to consider a card that offers bigger rewards on non-travel purchases instead.

  • Other travel perks

If you are a big traveler, the Capital One Venture Rewards Card offers even more travel perks to take advantage of. There are no foreign transaction fees, making it the perfect card to use while you are out traveling. You can get up to $100 as a statement credit when you apply for TSA pre-Check or Global Entry if you use your Capital One Venture Rewards Card as the payment method. Accidental travel insurance and rental car coverage is automatically included when you use your card to book travel (terms apply). And some purchases made on the card are eligible for an extended warranty. Some of these perks are not available on the Capital One VentureOne card with no annual fee, so if you would use TSA pre-Check or Global entry, the annual fee might be worth it for you.

  • Generous sign up bonus

In addition to 2X and travel perks, the Capital One Venture Rewards Card offers a 50,000 sign up bonus if you spend $3,000 in the first three months. The bonus will be applied within two statement of spending the $3,000. This equals $500 you can put directly towards travel, so if you are planning a big trip in the next year, this is a great way to get head start. This is one of the best sign-up bonuses on a travel card.

APR and other fees

The Capital One Venture Rewards Card has an average variable APR. You’ll find out our exact rate (as well as what your credit limit is) when you are approved, based on creditworthiness. Because the Capital One Venture Rewards Card doesn’t have a low or 0% promotional APR, if you are looking to open a new card for a big purchase or a balance transfer you might want to go with another card. The other fees for the Capital One Venture Rewards Card are pretty straightforward—there is a 3% fee on balance transfers, $10/3% (whichever is lower) fee on cash advances, and a $39 late fee.

  • The right card for planning a trip

If you are an avid traveler or are planning a big trip, you definitely want to consider the Capital One Venture Rewards Card. With its 50,000 mile sign up bonus and 2X miles on all purchases, it will be hard to beat for travel rewards. You won’t have to worry about making your travel fit with a specific airline or work around blackout dates, and it offers easy and straightforward ways to redeem miles though the travel center and Capital One Purchase eraser.


QuickSilver One Capital One 

The Quicksilver Card offers unlimited 1.5% cash back with every purchase. Unlike some other cards, the percentage of cash back stays consistent no matter what category the purchase falls under. Cardholders who are new to Capital One can also earn a one-time cash bonus of $150 if they spend $500 within three months of opening the account. The cash back earned is very flexible as well, and can be used for many different things. It can even be used to cover your recent purchases, shop online, and buy gift cards. Specifically, you can use your rewards to pay for purchases made on One of the greatest benefits with this card is that there is no annual fee associated with the card. No matter someone’s credit score, spending habits, or credit limit, they won’t have to pay an annual fee for this card. There is no foreign transaction fee, so it can be used outside of the United States without an extra charge. While traveling, cardholders can receive travel accident insurance on travel fares that were purchased with the card. There is even an option to get a warranty on certain items purchased with the card, at no additional cost to the cardholder. Like many similar credit cards, those who have the Quicksilver Card can access a Capital One app that helps them to manage their account. The app gives them access to their credit score information, payment scheduling, and their bills. It also provides an option for notifications through their device to keep track of their spending and check each of the purchases that are made. This can also help cardholders to discover fraud when they see notifications for purchases they did not make. Capital One also offers 24/7 customer service. No matter what time it is, customer service is available and can help with whatever cardholders need. And, if someone’s credit card is lost or stolen, customer service will get them an emergency replacement as quickly as possible.

As can be expected with just about any credit card, there are some rates and fees involved – most of these are outlined in the fine print of letters for the Quicksilver. As mentioned regarding the benefits, the card really doesn’t have an annual fee. No matter how long you have the account open, cardholders don’t have to pay a yearly fee to be able to keep using it. Furthermore, for the first fifteen months of having the account open, there is 0% APR. So, interest won’t accrue on purchases for the first fifteen months of having the card. However, after that period, the rates become similar to a regular credit card: depending on the individual’s credit score, the APR is either 15.49%, 21.49%, or 25.49%. In the terms for the card, it also states that interest does not start to accrue unless the cardholder fails to pay the bill by the due date. Cash advances have an APR right from the opening of the account, at 25.49%. There are a few fees with the Quicksilver Card as well. When cardholders make a transfer to the account, there is a fee of 3% of the amount of however much was transferred. For any cash advances that need to be made, there is a fee of either $10 or 3% of the amount of the advance, whichever value is greater. Lastly, there is a fee of up to $39 for any late payments.

When it comes to customer reviews, this card could go either way. The majority of the reviews on the Capital One website were four stars or higher. It is unknown how many of these applications were facilitated through getmyoffer. However, even the five star reviews mentioned one or two negative aspects to the card. The biggest complaint that was mentioned in almost every review, regardless of how many stars it rated the card, was that the APR was far too high. Some customers even noted that they were given a high interest rate at first because of their credit, but they couldn’t seem to lower the rate as their credit score improved. Along with this, many customers also mentioned that no matter how they improved and kept up their credit score, it was near impossible to increase their credit limit which was often quite low in the first place. The amount of rewards were also thought to be too little. While this doesn’t seem bad on the surface as not all cards offer lots of rewards, the cardholders felt that the low rewards were not worth the high fees and APR. Some customers also noted low physical quality of the card, including the fact that the card is a dark gray color, which makes it hard to read the phone numbers listed on the back in case they need assistance.

Despite this, most customers left highly rated reviews and even recommended the card to others. A few reviewers stated that they were a fan of the Capital One app, which gave them access to Credit Wise so that they could monitor their credit score and spending habits. There were also a few statements that noted how flexible the cash back rewards were. As mentioned before, the rewards can be used for various things and are not limited to a lot of stipulations about usage. Whether it is used for shopping or to cover other purchases, the cash back earned is available to be used. The Quicksilver Card is accepted in most places, both inside and outside of the United States, which allows cardholders to use it for a variety of different kinds of purchases. One reviewer also explained that they felt the card and the app were very secure, which they find that Capital One is very good about in general. Considering how frequently credit card fraud can happen, this is very important.

To wrap things up, a majority of credit cards are fairly well explained, but as a secondary reference, the analysis of the individual cards above, most frequently associated with the invitations, can help potential new cardholders to help with their decision.