– Platinum Card Mail Offer

The Capital One Platinum credit card is perfect for the people with a lower credit score. Those who have no credit score at all can also get this card in some cases. The interesting thing about the card is it has zero annual fees, and Capital One reports the credit information to the major credit agencies. Pay your bills on time, and you can increase your credit score in some capacity.

Benefits of Capital One Platinum card

Consumer protection

Potential cardholders get some amazing perks, like auto rental coverage, travel accident insurance, price protection, 24×7 travel assistance services, extended warranties and more.

Fraud coverage

If the credit card is stolen or loses it somewhere, then stay relaxed as with this card you won’t face fraudulent charges.

Credit-building tools

The bank claims that if used responsibly, the user can enjoy higher credit score within six months. It’s outlined in pre-approved notices. Besides this, they will get unlimited access to their credit check tool. One can now monitor the credit profile through CreditWise. It is completely free.

Mobile app

Using the Capital One mobile app, cardholders can easily monitor their account and pay their bills.

No annual fee

Most of these low credit score credit cards charge an annual fee or can ask for a security deposit. But, the Capital One Platinum credit card doesn’t charge an annual fee while allowing you to increase your credit score.

Credit Steps

If you have paid your first five bills on time, you can enjoy an increase to your credit limit. Just remember to pay on time, and you can also avoid a late payment penalty. By doing this, you will also strengthen your payment history.

No foreign transaction fees

The perfect credit card is the companion for international commerce and travel. Almost all credit cards come with $0 fraud liability coverage and do not charge any foreign transactions. This is what Capital One Platinum offer also do. On your purchases processed abroad, you can save around 3%. If you have purchased something using the credit card, then you can avail free of cost additional warranty protection on those items. This is very useful.

The bad side of the Capital One Platinum Credit Card

High regular APR

If you compare, you will find the 26.99% APR of Capital One Platinum Credit Card is higher than the cards within the Capital One portfolio. This, however, is to be expected because of the target demographic, and truthfully is lower in many cases than those of its competitors..

No reward earning potential

Well, it is true that when you don’t have a good credit score, it is quite difficult to obtain a credit card with rewards. So, with Capital One Platinum Credit card, you won’t be able to generate any rewards. However, other Capital One cards come with amazing rewards. And, opening the door by apply for a Platinum Card could be a Segway to getting invited to apply for a better card in the future within the bank’s array of offerings.

What do customers say about the card?     

“I was very worried about my bankruptcy and also applying for a good credit card. That time my credit score was below 500. But I applied for Capital One Credit card, and the application got approved. I received a USD 300 credit limit. The card is good, and the customer services are also professional.”  -Robert

“The minimum USD 300 credit limit is very useful. I am using the card responsibly, and my credit score is now going up. Its free credit monitoring portal is good, which helps me to check my credit score. I completely trust Capital One Platinum card.” – Daniel

If you want to apply for this credit card, then you can visit the website and complete the process within a few minutes.