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Express Deposit

Using Express Deposit, you can now deposit your customers’ checks without leaving your office!

Express Deposit is a revolutionary desktop scanner and Internet-based system for depositing your customers’ checks electronically. It enables you to capture, store, and process paper checks of all types; including corporate checks, consumer checks, cashiers checks, third-party checks and money orders.

Consider the possibilities:

 Save time

 Get extended deposit time

 Safe and secure transactions

 Convenient scanner provided by Georgia Bank & Trust

 Proven technology

 Ease of use

 Premium VS Standard

How Express Deposit Works
It’s a simple, 4-step process!

1. Login to our secure Express Deposit web site.
2. Enter the amount of the check.
3. Scan your check with your compact desktop scanner
4. Your check is being processed!

For more information, please call:
Helen Caldwell at (706) 739-1764 or Ricky Mays at (706) 481-1000 ext. 8025
or click the 'Contact Us' button and fill out our secure inquiry form.


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