Trio Credit Card from Fifth Third Bank

If you have an excellent credit score, i.e., 700+, are a light spender and want to enjoy attractive rewards on your every day purchases, then the TRIO Credit Card offered by Fifth Third Bank is the perfect option for you. This card offers you around 2-3% cashback at gas stations, drugstores, grocery stores and restaurants.

Highlights of TRIO card from Fifth Third Bank

Good initial bonus

If you spend $1000 withing 3 months of account opening, you will get 10,000 points which is worth $100.

Earning attractive cashback rewards

The cardholders can get 2 points per dollar spent at gas stations, grocery or drugstores, and 3 points per dollar at selected restaurants. However, remember that the rates are limited. The users will get the points on their first $1500 in all these categories. Apart from this, other purchases will offer only 1 point on per dollar.

Zero annual fee

Compared to other decent cash back credit cards, the TRIO Card also has no annual fee. To be honest, this isn’t anything to write home about because most cash back competitors don’t come with one. Of note, there are no foreign transaction fees.

Decent balance transfer offer

Fifth Third Bank offers 0% balance transfers on its TRIO card for first 12 billing cycles. There is a balance transfer fee with the offer as well as a cash advance fee.

Cell phone protection plan

If you are paying you monthly wireless bills using TRIO card, you can make use of its cellphone protection plan. Under this plan, you can protect up to 3 phones from loss, damages and theft. But there is a protection/redemption cap. The benefits come with a cap of $200 per claim, and you can claim a maximum of $400 per year. There’s what’s called a “claiming fee” which is essentially a glorified deductible of $50 per claim.

The Fifth Bank TRIO Credit Card Benefits

The credit card comes with the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Zero fraud liability
  • Auto rental collision damage coverage
  • Extended warranty protection
  • Price protection
  • Travel assistance
  • Reporting to major credit bureaus

Like any card, there are a few negatives:

Availability of the card is limited

For now, the bank has made the credit card available for only 10 states. These are Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Tennessee and Michigan. This has to do with the charter that the bank has as well as where their branches are located. In order to control this, Fifth Third only sends out mail offers to people in these states and has an address verification step in their application process.

High regular APR

The APR of this card can range from 15.49% to 24.49%. It also has an APR of 26.49% for  cash advances.

What do customers say about the card?  

“TRIO credit card is good, and the best thing is its cashback program. Even though it is not unlimited, but I found it useful as I frequently make purchases using my TRIO credit card. Till now, I have not encountered any issues.” – Keith

“I have this card and a few months back I got USD 400 cashback and also a gift card. You can easily putt all the rewards into the account, buy the product, events’ tickets and more. It’s just amazing. I highly recommend this card to others. But don’t forget to maintain a good credit score. The customer service is also great.” – Jonathan

If you want to open an account and get a TRIO credit card, you can contact the bank on 1-866-671-5353, direct mail at, or go directly to the Fifth Third site.