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The Destiny MasterCard is a credit card issued by The First Electronic Bank and serviced by Genesis FS Card Services, Inc. The bank does not require a security deposit from the customer before approving them for this credit card. This credit card was designed for individuals with bad credit. Only individuals that are over 18 years old can apply for this credit card.

The following is why applying for a destinycard.com/invite is a good idea:

There are not many advantages to signing up for this credit card. Arguably the most significant benefit that this credit card has over other credit cards is that individuals with bad credit can be quickly approved for it. Therefore, this card can help those individuals increase their credit score. Every time an individual makes a payment on time, they are building to their overall credit score. The First Electronic Bank reports to the three major credit bureaus on a monthly basis. Cardholders that are trying to improve their credit score may notice an improvement in just a few months.

Those users who are more tech-savvy are able to manage their credit card account online. They are able to pay their bills online and opt-in for paperless statements. There is no extra charge for those customers that want to pay their bill using the website. There is no mobile application for the credit card, but users can still access the site on their phone via Wi-Fi.

There are also security benefits that come equipped with the Destiny credit card. The card comes with a chip that helps prevent fraud for the cardholder. This credit card also has MasterCard ID theft protection that monitors essential information such as an address, e-mail address, social security numbers, and credit card number to detect possibilities of that information getting stolen. The card also comes with zero liability protection, which means that the cardholder will not be held liable for any fraud that occurs on their credit card.

Another advantage of this card is that competing cards designed for users with bad credit will charge the customer specific fees that do not exist for this card. For example, this credit card does not have a monthly maintenance fee. This card also does not have a one-time application fee.

This credit card has a quick and easy application process. Applicants will find out if they are approved on the same day. Cardholders will need to enter personal demographics such as date of birth, employment details, and income details for their application. The prequalification application process has no effect on the applicant’s credit score. Upon approval, the customer can choose what design they want their card to be at no additional cost. The Destiny MasterCard also approves applicants that have reported bankruptcy in the past.

The following are reasons to not apply for a destinycard.com/invite offer:

In comparison to other credit cards designed for users with bad credit, this credit card does not have many flaws. However, it does have some disadvantages worth mentioning. There are specific fees for the card, which cannot be avoided. The cardholder is charged an annual fee, which could range anywhere from $59 to $99. There is also a foreign transaction fee of 1% for users that want to use the credit card outside of The United States of America. There is also a late payment fee of up to $40.

The starting credit limit for the Destiny MasterCard is $300. If the cardholder decides to use the card during the first billing cycle, the annual fee of $59 will be taken out to give them a starting limit of $241. A starting limit this low might help the cardholder pay off some small bills, but might not be enough in times of an emergency where a much more significant amount of money is needed. There is also no option to increase your credit limit over time. Competing cards such as the First Premier Bank MasterCard will start the customer out with a much higher spending limit. –

The Destiny MasterCard has an annual percentage rate of 24.9%, which is average when compared to other credit cards designed for users with bad credit. It is in the cardholder’s best interest to not have a balance carry over every month if they want to build their credit score. Cardholders are able to get a cash advance using this credit card, but that comes with a higher annual percentage rate.

Also, this credit card does not come with any reward or point system. However, that is very common for credit cards designed for users with bad credit. Another disadvantage of this credit card is that it does not give the customer complimentary access to their credit score.

Verdict on destinycard.com/invite mailers:

The overall verdict is that The Destiny MasterCard is a reasonable option for those users who need a credit card to improve their credit score. The starting spending limit, annual fee, and annual percentage rate is standard when compared to other credit cards designed for users with bad credit. In fact, specific fees that other credit cards will charge can be avoided by signing up for The Destiny MasterCard.