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Indigoapply.com is a pre-approved offer issued by the Celtic Bank. It is accepted at over 35 million locations throughout the world. The Celtic Bank does not require a security deposit from the customer before approving them for this card. If the customer fails to make their payments, no actual property can be taken away from them. The indigo credit card requires the user to pay their charged amount 25 days after the billing cycle before they charge the annual percentage rate. The Indigo card is a good option for individuals who need to improve their credit score. It requires a credit score of only 550 to be approved for the credit card.

The first benefit of indigoapply.com credit cards is that it is quick and easy to apply for. Customers just have to enter some personal demographics and financial information. They will find out if they are approved for the Indigo credit card within a matter of minutes. However, the customer must have a checking account with the bank before they can open up a credit card.

The second huge benefit of having an Indigo Platinum Credit Card is that this card has features which make it a valuable tool for users with poor credit. Customers with poor credit will often get denied by other credit cards so this becomes a decent option for them to build credit. Every time that customer makes a payment on time, they are building to their overall credit score. However, this credit card has several restrictions which do not make it an ideal credit card in comparison to other credit cards on the market.

In comparison to other credit cards that were designed for users with poor credit, Indigo is one of the more decent options available. Unlike other credit cards, the Indigo credit card does not have any initial fees just to sign up. For example, the All Access Credit Card and the Total credit card charges applicants a fee just to open an account. On top of that, these banks have a first-year fee as well. The Indigo card does have a first-year fee of $75, but the customer saves money by avoiding the initial fee to open an account.

Another advantage that the indigoapply.com offer for the Indigo Platinum has over its competing cards is that it has a lower annual percentage rate compared to other cards designed for people with poor credit. The Indigo credit card has a fixed interest APR of 23.9%. This is lower than the Interest rate for competing cards such as First Access card which has a high APR rate of 34.99%. In fact, it is slightly lower than the average APR rate of 23.43%.

Another small, yet notable, advantage of the Indigo card is that it approves individuals even if they have filed for bankruptcy in the past. This can be a good second chance for people to redeem from their financial struggles. Also, the Celtic Bank makes this card very mobile-friendly because users have access to a free online account. They can use this mobile account to keep track of their charges and payments, even if they are not at home or by a computer. Indigo credit card also offers protection from fraud in the case that a credit card is lost or stolen. Pre-qualification available with no impact to your credit score

One major disadvantage of having an Indigo credit card is that it comes with various kinds of fees which can be avoided with other credit cards. However, users with poor credit often have no other choice but to sign up for this card (or other cards designed for people with poor credit) because they have to be able to prove they are financially responsible.

Celtic Bank charges users a fee of $75 after the first year. The second-year fee drops down to $48, but the drop in dollar amount comes with a catch. After the second year, the customer is required to pay $99 a year due to other fees that get added on. The transaction fees for a cash advance for this card are $0 during the first year, but increases to $5 or 5% of the amount of each transaction. The bank charges whichever option costs more. The foreign transaction fee for the credit card is 1% for each transaction.

The Indigo credit card also comes with various penalty fees for late or returned payments. Charging a fee for late or returned payments is common for many credit card companies. However, the Indigo credit card has a fee of up to $40 which is slightly higher than the average late fee of $33.04. This is shown on indigoapply.com letters. Also, constantly making late payments can defeat the purpose of why the customer with poor credit opened the credit card in the first place. A customer who is trying to improve their credit score should be avoiding late payments at all costs.

The initial spending limit for customers after opening an account is low in comparison to other cards. The Indigo credit card sets an initial spending limit at $300 which decreases to $225 after the customer pays the annual fee. This amount can be useful in paying smaller bills. However, this limit will not be useful in the case of an emergency where the customer will need a lot more than $225.

The Indigo credit card was built for users who have poor credit and want to improve it. This is why indigoapply.com notices are sent to people fitting this demographic. With that in mind, an Indigo credit card is a decent option. It is less expensive to own an Indigo credit card when comparing cards designed for users with poor credit (i.e. Total credit card).

However, when compared to other major credit cards in general, Indigo credit cards do have some notable disadvantages. Customers with a decent credit score can be approved for credit cards with lower fees, APR rates, and higher spending limits. However, those with poor credit need to be able to prove that they are capable of making their payments on time. Therefore, having strict requirements such as a low spending limit will force them to not overspend. It is also easier to make smaller payments on time when you have less money to start out with. It is extremely important to research other credit cards also designed for customers with poor credit before committing to one. It can help those customers improve their credit score in a quick amount of time.

The www.indigoapply.com Application

Credit cards can often be confusing as so much is considered to see what kind of card you can actually apply and qualify for. On top of that, your options of credit cards are limited if your credit is below average or even considered to be ‘bad’. This is where the Indigo® Mastercard® can come in to save the day and your credit score. In order to begin building your credit score you need to apply for a credit card or start with a credit-builder loan but that can be hard if your credit score is low. If you choose to go with a credit card to build up your credit score, the Indigo Mastercard offers an array of opportunities for people with low credit scores or bad credit. The Indigo Mastercard is an unsecured credit card free of deposits for “those with less than perfect credit” as this card advertises. This credit card could even be an option for those who have filed or experienced bankruptcy. This credit card is issued by and ran by the Celtic Bank out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Indigo Mastercard lists some of its benefits and perks on the indigoapply.com pamphlet being that it offers multiple card designs, 24/7 account access, chip card technology, and monthly reporting. The card designs come with no extra customers to Indigo Mastercard users with a broad list of artwork to choose from for your new credit card. Indigo Mastercard offers its customers 24/7 accounts access to keep track of any purchases made in real time as they rebuild their credit. This can also be used to activate your card upon arrival and paying your bill when the time comes. Customers can also enjoy a mobile-friendly site to view these transactions. All Indigo Mastercards utilize chip card technology so you can better protect your funds and can peacefully shop without fear of counterfeit fraud. The Indigo Mastercard also offers what they call Mastercard ID Theft Protection. This protection means that for all Indigo Mastercard users, Mastercard will provide protection over your card, social security number, passwords, and much more. Finally, the Indigo Mastercard will report your payment and account information at the end of each month to 3 different credit bureaus to help speed the process of building your credit to where you want it. Choosing the Indigo Mastercard will allow you to be under the umbrella of protection that Mastercard provides as a company over these smaller credit cards. Compared to other credit building cards and unsecured cards, this card differs as it does not offer any form of cash back rates or access to presales like other credit cards offer.

All the benefits and perks of this credit card can be nice but this does not come without fees and other payments. For the Indigo Mastercard, the average interest rate as of 2019 was 23.9% APR but this is pretty average for cards of this nature. Depending on what your credit is like and what your credit score looks like to determine what your actual interest rate will be just like the annual fee. The annual fee for this credit card ranges between $0-$99 depending on your creditworthiness, but will be no higher than $75 your first year (after the first year, the fee increases to $99). This can be quite expensive on top of other purchases and making your monthly payments each month. By checking to see if you pre-qualify for this credit card, you can find out what sort of payments you will be making. As long as you stay on top of making your payment on time, you can avoid late fees and you can finally raise your credit score and creditworthiness. The credit limit reported for this card is only at $300 which does not leave a lot of wiggle room in spending. This could be different depending on the different fees you have to pay as your annual fee could affect this too. To wrap up on all the potential fees and rates that will affect credit card users is that the Indigo Mastercard does not ask for any kind of security deposit or anything similar.

Prequalifying for this credit card, for people who have not been invited through www.indigoapply.com, is easy and can be completed online like most other credit cards. But also compared to other credit cards, Indigo Mastercard does not have a prequalification application outside of the one found online at the Indigo Mastercard website. This can be limiting to anyone without access to a computer as other unsecured credit cards and credit building credit cards may offer different types of application or pre qualification check points. With this pre qualification, potential customers can find out if they qualify for this card and what their rates will look like with the Indigo Mastercard. To check, Indigo says that the pre qualification will not impact your credit score in any sort of way which is helpful for those who want to keep theirs where it is at. In order to check, you must be 18 years or older, not have a previous Indigo Mastercard account that has been terminated due to delinquency, and meet other criteria and identity verifications.

Compared to other unsecured credit cards on the market today and credit cards that are specifically made for those with bad credit, the Indigo Mastercard will be a good option for you if you are looking for a card to build your credit without many benefits. But if you are looking for benefits, perks, and rewards, to go along with your buying, then another type of unsecured credit card may be the better route for you and your credit score. Mastercard as a big name in credit cards is very trustworthy and has been aiding people with their credit cards and the journey of building up your credit scores. Because of this, choosing the Indigo Mastercard could benefit you as you choose a big and well known name. Also, choosing this credit card will give you a credit card that does not have a security deposit which can leave you with more to spend with your new credit card assuming your www.indigoapply.com request is approved.